LumaFilm® Benefits

There are many benefits that can be realized by using LumaFilm versus other types of LED lighting products:

Flexible, planar lighting
  • LumaFilm can be wrapped, bent, or twisted to fit your needs.
No heat sink
  • Without a bulky and costly heat sink, luminaires can take on a whole new design aspect.
Fully customizable
  • LumaFilm can be cut and trimmed by the user so that field retrofits can easily occur.
  • Easily tiled together to form almost any size, shape or dimensions. Check out our Indoor Photos gallery.
  • Made to meet your size, lumen output, CCT, and CRI specifications.
Mounts closer to diffuser
  • LumaFilm can be placed within 1.5” from most diffusers, allowing applications not previously available such as in light boxes and parabolic troffers.
Environmental consideration
  • LumaFilm is UL Certified Dry and Damp, and may be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • LumaFilm is IP65 rated and ROHS compliant.
Standard LED drivers
  • LumaFilm can be matched with almost any Class 2, UL approved, constant current driver which will reduce your costs and increase your options.
5-Year warranty
  • Quality materials allow us to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our LumaFilm sheets.
Tough stuff
  • LumaFilm can be handled and shipped without concern for its durability.  Check out the “LumaFilm is Durable video in our video gallery.